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say cheese...

Everyone at Leo's Deli is simply crackers about cheese and it shows. Our stock of over 70 different, top quality cheeses includes some of the finest local, more broadly British, French and European offerings imaginable.

What’s more, you’ll find the Leo’s Deli well-stocked fromagerie changing from week to week. There are always new surprises in store to share – and that’s just what each member of our knowledgeable team does best.

Take a look at our sample cheese selection»

Sharing tasty nuggets all round

From traditional cheddar truckles to dig-deep stiltons, or little orange mounds of creamy Langres and the sweetest Swiss Vacherins all spruced up in flavour-enhancing wooden boxes, every one of our fine cheeses is kept in perfect shape and optimum conditions, ready for you to enjoy immediately.

Sample things for yourself and you’ll soon share the pride we have in our producers. Let our team tell you more, or advise on complementary combinations such as fresh figs, pickles, artisan crackers or crispbreads, and of course delicious fine wines to enhance and suit.

Looking for something special?

Don’t worry if you’ve a smidgen of something else in mind to bring even more character to your cheese board. Although there is  always an impressive selection of cheeses  available at Leo’s Deli, sourcing a cheese especially for you will be our pleasure.

For a special occasion, or if you require large quantities of any particular cheeses, please avoid disappointment and place an order with our team » 


Baron Bigod

Made in Bungay, Suffolk. A smooth textured Brie-style cheese with farmyard and mushroom flavours.

Suffolk Gold 

Made in Coddenham, Suffolk from Guernsey cow’s milk. This gives it its rich golden colour and rich taste—one of our most popular cheeses. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue 

Made in Norfolk, this cheese has a fantastic ‘fudgy’ texture and is one of East Anglia’s most popular cheeses. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Mrs Temple’s Walsingham 

Made in Wighton, Norfolk. This cheese has a crumbly texture and a similar tanginess and creaminess to a Lancashire. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Mrs Temple’s Alpine 

Mrs Temple was visiting the Swiss Alps, she liked the cheese so much she brought a herd of cows - this is her version produced locally in Wighton, Norfolk. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Norfolk White Lady

A brie-style sheep’s cheese made in Feltwell. Creamy, full of flavour just like you’d expect a traditional brie to be. 

Other British Cheeses

Appleby’s Red Cheshire 

A sharp and tangy, hard cheese, with a crumbly yet moist texture, from Shropshire—a nice change from cheddar on a cheese board. Made from pasteurised cow’s milk, and with vegetarian rennet.


One of the great modern British cheeses, made in the Forest of Arden. It has a mellow toffee and fruit flavour. Made with un-pasteurised sheep’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Buffalo Blue 

Made from Yorkshire buffalo milk! Deliciously buttery and creamy - this is unusual for a blue cheese. Made with un-pasteurised buffalo milk and vegetarian rennet.

Colton Bassett Stilton

Crumble it into a salad, stir it into a soup ... hey, Stilton is not just for Christmas, you know, especially when it is this good! Hand-ladled and possibly Britain’s finest from one of the smallest stilton dairies in the country.

Cornish Yarg 

A creamy yet tangy cheese with a crumbly texture. It's wrapped in nettle leaves which makes it very attractive on a cheese board. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Flower Marie

A wonderful English sweet sheeps cheese. Soft, white, maybe with a mushroom tint to the rind. What are you waiting for?

Lord of the Hundreds

A classic British cheese, mature and nutty in flavour with a dense consistency.

Cheddar, Denhay 

A waxy farmhouse cheddar with a moist and mellow flavour, matured whilst wrapped in cloth – this is the mildest of our cheddars. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Cheddar, Isle of Mull

Share a little happiness with a truckle or two.  This intensely flavoured farmhouse cheddar with bite and a crumbly texture is the most mature in flavour of all our cheddars. Made with vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk from probably some of the most contented cows in Britain, left to feast away on fermented grain from Tobermoray whisky distillery...

Cheddar, Montgomery 

A mature farmhouse cheddar with a full nutty flavour and moist texture, it has a grass like scent. This cheese has won many awards. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Cheddar, Smoked Westcombe

Brought hither from an artisan smokehouse in Trimley near Felixstowe. Low on food miles – high on our priority list. Truly tasty and lightly smoked with Maplewood.

Lancashire, Mrs Kirkham’s  

A crumbly textured, sharp and tangy cheese which has won multiple awards for its flavour. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

CHEESE OF THE MONTH - Old Winchester

Nutty flavour like you’ve never known before from a Great British, Gouda-style cheese.

Somerset Brie 

A Brie made with pasteurised milk giving it a much milder and creamier taste than its French alternative. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Tickle More

A classic British goat’s cheese with a fresh lemony flavour and crumbly texture. Just like a goat’s cheese should be. Just ask your nanny.


A bit like a camembert with its thin, wrinkled rind, but oozing sweet, long-lasting, nutty flavours from the creamiest of textures.An award-winning beastie from Hampshire which makes you proud to be British.

Bleu de Bresse  

A rich and creamy, soft blue cheese, similar to Cambazola but without its bitter peppery aftertaste. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk.

Bleu de Causse AOC 

Made in the style of Roquefort and very similar in taste but about half the price, its moist salty and strong! Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Brie de Meaux AOC 

An un-pasteurised French brie—this cheese has a full and pungent taste. When left out for an hour before serving it ripens beautifully and gets really runny! Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Buche de Chevre 

A semi-soft and creamy goat’s cheese made with pasteurised milk. Ideal for cooking with, great sliced and grilled or crumbled into a salad. Suitable for vegetarians.

Camembert Rustique 

A fruity full flavoured camembert that goes fantastically runny when left to ripen. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk.

Camembert with truffles

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound... what a way to treat yourself! 

Comte AOC  

Similar to Gruyère but from France rather than Switzerland. Sweeter and nuttier in flavour. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Delice de Bourgogne 

A semi-soft and very more-ish cheese! It has a delicious creamy texture with a tangy and creamy flavour– and goes with everything! Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet

Emmenthal de Savoie

A classic alpine cheese with a rich fruity and nutty flavour filled with holes. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

L’Ami de Chambertin

An amicable little fellow, all the way from Gevrey-Chambertin in Burgundy. A soft and elegant cow’s milk cheese, nobly washed in Marc de Bourgogne to give it a moist wrinkly orange coloured rind. Strong and lively in character. A fine friend indeed.


Little mountains of orange-rinded loveliness, originating from the Langres plateau in Champagne-Ardenne region. Dense in texture, rich and cows-milk creamy, but milder and more delicate than you might expect. Go on, give it a go.

Ossau Iraty AOC  

A delicious firm textured sheep’s cheese with a fruity and nutty flavour. Made with un-pasteurised sheep’s milk.

Pont Evêque

An old favourite from Normandy. Mild, milky and magical. A washed-rind cow’s milk cheese which simply deserves to have been around for centuries.


An individual with a pedigree going back to the 14th century. Mild, milky and full flavours from a cream paste of a cheese confined by a pinkish-brown rind. Thank the alpine cows of the Haute-Savoie for this one, but don’t ask for an explanation of the name unless you are prepared for a graphic description!  Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Cheeses from Italy

Gorgonzola Picante DOP  

Much bluer and more peppery in flavour than the dolce—it has a strong robust flavour and a firm texture. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Gorgonzola Dolce DOP  

A fantastically squidgy blue cheese with a pungent rich flavour. Delicious to eat or we like it torn up on top of a butternut squash risotto. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Swiss cheese

Gruyere Reserve  

A classic Swiss cheese with a rich nutty full-bodied flavour with caramel overtones. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk. A full-bodied cheddar style cheese that is matured for fourteen months. This cheese has won multiple awards. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s milk.

Vacherin Mont D’or

Rich, slightly sweet and can run away with itself – hence its spruce box. Only just Swiss – it’s made with pasteurised cow’s milk on the Swiss side of the Jura mountains, not to be confused with the French, unpasteurised version, the Vacherin du Haut Doubs.   

Cheeses from Spain

Manchego Diaz Miguel 

Spain's most famous cheese. Its salty piquant flavour making it ideal with fruit jellies such as membrillo. Made with pasteurised sheep’s milk.

Picos Europa 

A blend of cow’s and goat’s milk. This cheese manages to pack real punch without losing it’s fruitiness to saltiness that is an unusual characteristic for a blue cheese. Great crumbled over caramelised red onions or over braised chicory. Made with un-pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk and vegetarian rennet.