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charcuterie & such

Here’s some amazing pork for your fork. If you’re into anti-pasta, have a hankering for succulent hams or just need some fine chorizo to spice up your supper, then
Leo’s Deli is for you.

Choose from a fantastic array of fresh pâtés, rillettes and parma hams; salchichon and at least five sorts of salami, as well as traditional lomo and locally cured bacons. Everything has won its place in our chill cabinets on taste; each product carefully considered, especially selected and lovingly sourced from artesan specialists across Europe.

Simply scroll on down and salivate... Or why not pop in to try before you buy?

Get a sample taste of our charcuterie selection» 

Do pork pies count?

And what about really proper sausage rolls made with wonderfully seasoned pork sausage meat and our own recipe of lard and butter pastry? Pick up a packet of the best pork scratchings you will ever have tasted, or make a meal out of one of our sizeable scotch eggs. As well as pork products, you’ll find fine game pies and even tasty chicken pasties or beef turnovers too, plus a whole range of tempting savoury tartlets just right for a meat-free Monday or any entertaining day of the week for that matter.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our super selection of pickles and relishes too!

Here’s just a taster of what’s on offer...

(to suggest that this is everything, well...that would be telling porkies!)

Best of British 

Glazed Ham 

Leo’s very own, totally succulent Suffolk secret . Local Dingley Dell pork expertly slow-roasted and glazed. Moist, yummy and not over-cured. Available whole to order (just give us an idea of the approximate size you’re after) , or by the slice, of course.


Baked by us for freshness and flavour. Come and see our latest creations.

Smoked fillet of beef

Award-winning and oh-so-worth it. A most pleasing find from an artisan smokehouse.

Irresistibly Italian

Coppa di Parma

Very special dry-cured pork shoulder which proves to be highly versatile thanks to its wonderfully tender meat and fairly high fat content. 


That famously versatile cured pork belly standard, sliced thick for dicing or thinly for wrapping.

Parma Ham

Fantastically flavoursome and cut fresh to order. Try it with fresh figs and gorgonzola for one of the most delicious mouthfuls you can ever imagine.  

Finocchiona (Salami)

Tuscan pork salami, infused with fennel and garlic. One of our favourite artisan producers is family firm, Silvano Mori – they’re based in the ancient medieval village of Torneiella and have been crafting their pork and boar meat products for over a century.

Finocchiona (Salami)

Our choice of fine cut pork salami, infused with garlic.

Salami Spianata

A somewhat spicier version, but still a firm favourite.

Salami Strolghino di culatello

Small and easy to slice, sweet and very lean. This is a ‘fresh’ salami matured for only a few weeks made from the trimmings of culatello hams. A real discovery to enjoy.

Spanish & Spicy


Coarse textured, smoked and spicy – definitely dry-cured to perfection for thin slicing and raw enjoyment at tapas time, or a slightly softer whole sausage, just ready to carve up and cook with.

Lomo (embuchado)

A dry-cured Serrano pork tenderloin, seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic and spices. 

Salchichon de Vic

A sausage cured in the cold and humid microclimate of Vic in Catalunya. Clean and sweet in flavour from the best quality leg meat with belly pork and whole peppercorns. Delicious offerings from Casa Riera Ordeix, one of Spain’s long established salami specialists.